Video Game James
Video Game James is a site dedicated to LeBron James.  Founded in 2014, the site provides up-to-date information on LeBron's career, his personal life and his overall legacy.  The site will also provide information on LeBron's Nike sneakers along with his charity work.  This year, LBJ faces one of the most substantial challenges of his career.  He is back in Cleveland with hopes to bring his city a NBA Championship.  Video Game James will follow The King every step of the way!

I started this website to promote an active lifestyle to my siblings and children.  They are a part of the Millennial generation where technology has taken over.  They do not spend enough time playing sports.  This website celebrates LeBron James' talent in an attempt to motivate children around the world to stay active.

I also created this site to provide my siblings and children interesting content to read when they are online.  Content that appeals to minorities is vital to bridge the digital divide.

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