Manning Up with Matthew Dellavedova: A Man's Man.

Lessons for LeBron James
For everyone that plays pick-up basketball, there is nothing worst than that player that has the ability to get into everyones head yet continue to perform and lead his team to victory.  Matthew Dellavedova is that guy for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  As much as I approve of LeBron James, he complains like every other great player the league has seen.  From MJ to Kobe, the greats run to the refs before they are able to blow the whistle.

Not Dellavedova.  Delly is the type of player that Kobe Bryant loves to play with.  Dellavedova has the natural killer instinct that LeBron lacks.  MD can care less what people think about him because he is far too concerned with destroying his opponent.

Lessons for Stephen Curry
Matthew Dellavedova can care less about the referees.  He simply performs.  Stephen Curry is going through the motions.  Unlike King James, he still tweets and takes part in social media despite the fact that he needs to be focused on leading his team to victory.  Curry shows up during certain possessions, yet it is clear that he has not been here before.  The comfort LeBron is playing with is the exact opposite of the hesitation Stephen Curry is attempting to play through.

Dellavedova is only 24 and in his second season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He was not in the race for MVP nor was he an NBA All-Star.  Instead he has been the toughest player on the court throughout the NBA post season and the league's new fragile poster boys simply cannot handle him.

Man Up
The following video shows Delly, in his St. Mary's days, drilling a game-winning 3-point buzzer beater to defeat BYU.  He did not waste time with the refs prior to the play nor did he hesitate as if he were nervous.  Matthew Dellavevoa got it done, he performed, he Manned Up!


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