Blatant foul on Andre Iguodala: Hitting LeBron James' Arm

I tend to avoid any discussion involving cheating refs or the league being fixed so I promise this will not be a long post.  The refs missed a blatant foul on Iguodala who hit LeBron James' arm in the following possession.

Thus far, this has been a wonderful, entertaining series.  I must say, the following photo is starting making me reconsider YET as of now, I do not strongly dislike Golden State Warrior fans.  Anyone who enjoys good basketball has to love this series.

You can call it exaggerating but I immediately got a flashback of Tim Donaghy when I saw this play.  Yes, the former NBA ref that worked for 13 seasons (1994-2007) before resigning after allegations that he bet on games.

Yes LeBron haters, I know: LBJ travels, he cries and he is far from a man yet you do not want to equip Cavalier's fans with the perfect excuse: The game/series was unfair because the refs cheated.

To the NBA Referees,
We appreciate what you do, and we especially appreciate your honesty.  From LeBron to Kobe, to Reggie Miller, to Michael Jordan to Jeff Van Gundy to Charles Barkley to Sheed, etc...We know, you have to deal with the some of the oldest, grumpiest old men, that complain and have no respect.  You also have to deal with fans that also lack respect and call you every name in the book.  We apologize and would greatly appreciate it if you call blatant fouls.

Thank you,

Game James.


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