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A King’s Heart (by The Scribe)

A King's Heart
by The Scribe

Facing elimination, 2-Time Champion LeBron James is once again found with his back against the wall. This time, with a load that only a player of greatness could carry, it seems as if this might be much too much to bear.
Realistically, James is no stranger to pressure.Drafted #1 overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers (2003), at the time a struggling franchise, James had to immediately not only live up to expectation but supersede them. Spectators from all over began comparing James, a high school-to-pro athlete, to that of a retired hall of famer with six rings. If this wasn’t enough pressure as it is, there came the time to actually perform and live up to the name. LeBron lived up to the promise, and as he became more experienced, he was able to carry his team and metropolitan deep into the post season multiple times. Through many victories and some disappointments, the same spectators that praised LeBron, were starting to question his ability to contend…

Lakers, Heat guard Dwyane Wade have mutual interest

Dwyane Wade's dad wore a Cleveland Cavaliers shirt to church possibly signaling the 11-time All Star's plans to reunite with LeBron James.

New rumors suggest that Wade is heading to Los Angeles to help Kobe Bryant attempt to win a championship before he calls it quits.

The only team that is sleeping on D. Wade is the Miami Heat.  Yes, he dealt with some injuries but so has Kobe and LeBron.

Salt Portraits Of LeBron And Steph Curry








Lie Witness News - Golden State Warriors Edition


LeBron James Alley-oop Dunk | Warriors vs Cavaliers | Game 3 | June 9, 2015


LeBron James Not Space Jam 2 but Trainwreck Will Work

Amy Schumer's new film "Trainwreck" directed by Judd Apatow will feature a cameo from LeBron James.  Schumer is a stand-up comedian, writer and actress.  She is best known for being the creator, star, writer and executive producer of the Emmy-nominated Inside Amy Schumer, the popular Comedy Central series.

Trainwreck is being delivered by the same people that brought Bridesmaids.  Schumer plays a scattered woman who works at a men's magazine during the day and hooks up with random guys at nights.  She then meets sports doctor, Bill Hader and falls in love.

Space Jam 2
Last year reports came out that Space Jam 2 would happen and LeBron James was slated to be the star.  Those reports were denied by LeBron's camp.  Does a Space Jam 2 need to be released or should LeBron look to collaborate with a more relevant, current set of animated stars? Would Sponge Bob x King James work?

Manning Up with Matthew Dellavedova: A Man's Man.

Lessons for LeBron James
For everyone that plays pick-up basketball, there is nothing worst than that player that has the ability to get into everyones head yet continue to perform and lead his team to victory.  Matthew Dellavedova is that guy for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  As much as I approve of LeBron James, he complains like every other great player the league has seen.  From MJ to Kobe, the greats run to the refs before they are able to blow the whistle.

Not Dellavedova.  Delly is the type of player that Kobe Bryant loves to play with.  Dellavedova has the natural killer instinct that LeBron lacks.  MD can care less what people think about him because he is far too concerned with destroying his opponent.

Lessons for Stephen Curry
Matthew Dellavedova can care less about the referees.  He simply performs.  Stephen Curry is going through the motions.  Unlike King James, he still tweets and takes part in social media despite the fact that he needs to be focused on leading his team to …

Blatant foul on Andre Iguodala: Hitting LeBron James' Arm

I tend to avoid any discussion involving cheating refs or the league being fixed so I promise this will not be a long post.  The refs missed a blatant foul on Iguodala who hit LeBron James' arm in the following possession.

Thus far, this has been a wonderful, entertaining series.  I must say, the following photo is starting making me reconsider YET as of now, I do not strongly dislike Golden State Warrior fans.  Anyone who enjoys good basketball has to love this series.

You can call it exaggerating but I immediately got a flashback of Tim Donaghy when I saw this play.  Yes, the former NBA ref that worked for 13 seasons (1994-2007) before resigning after allegations that he bet on games.

Yes LeBron haters, I know: LBJ travels, he cries and he is far from a man yet you do not want to equip Cavalier's fans with the perfect excuse: The game/series was unfair because the refs cheated.

To the NBA Referees,
We appreciate what you do, and we especially appreciate your honesty.  Fro…

Throwback: David Stern's Reaction to The Decision

Cleveland Cavaliers majority owner Dan Gilbert almost immediately wrote an open letter published on the Cleveland Cavalier's website, insulting James' decision as a heartless betrayal, while guaranteeing the Cavaliers would win an NBA title before the "self-declared former King."

On July 12, 2010, NBA Commissioner David Stern fined Dan Gilbert $100,000 for the letter he wrote regarding LeBron James' Decision and he also criticized the way James handled free agency.

Stern congratulated James on his decision he just wishes it came without "The Decision." Stern stated that he would have advised James to tell the Cleveland Cavaliers of his choice to leave for the Miami Heat earlier than he did, and that James' announcement should not have come in a television special that attracted nearly 10 million viewers.

NBA Finals 2015 - The X Factor: Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson is a Canadian, Power Forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers.  He was not a major part of the Cavalier's future until Kevin Love was injured and Thompson stepped up, earning LeBron James' utmost respect.  It doesn't hurt that Rich Paul, one member of LeBron's Four Horsemen, represents Tristan Thompson as well as LeBron James.

Thompson played one season of college basketball for Texas before being drafted 4th overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2011 NBA Draft.  The following clip shows Tristan on Sports Science:

An X-factor is defined as a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome.  It is easy to consider how LeBron James' and Stephen Curry's play will impact the outcome of the NBA Finals yet it is those players that do the small things, game after game, quarter after quarter, that will truly make the difference on the outcome of the NBA Finals.  Thompson seems prepared to assist King James in hi…