How Many Championships Does LeBron James Have?

How Many Championships Does LeBron James Have?
How Many Championships Does LeBron James Have?

LeBron James has 3 championships thanks to his win tonight vs the Golden State Warriors.  The post below was written a year ago before the Cleveland Cavaliers lost to the Warriors in the 2015 NBA Championship.  The article is a bit more relevant now.

Game Four
The Cavaliers defeated the Atlanta Hawks 118-88 in Game 4 of NBA Eastern Conference Finals.  King James dropped 23 points, grabbed 9 boards and dished 7 dimes.  Cleveland was strictly business from the opening possession.  We are certain LBJ explained to his team how important it was to win the game after witnessing the Golden State Warriors fail at their attempt to sweep the Houston Rockets the day prior.

Feeling Like I'm Back
LeBron Raymone James has led the Cleveland Cavaliers back to the NBA finals for the first time since 2007.  In 2007, LeBron acted with the maturity that many adults never attain.  He made the leap from high school Chosen One to franchise savior for Cleveland.  Two NBA Championships later, LeBron is more mature than ever as he dictates exactly which team in the NBA will be most successful, the one he chooses to play for.  In Kanye's words, "No one man should have all this power!"

In one of the best songs on Fabolous' Loso's Way mixtape the artist proclaims, "I'm feeling like I'm back" to describe how excited he was to return to doing what he does best.  For King James, being back in the NBA Finals does not remind him of last year's loss to the San Antonio Spurs.  Being back in the NBA Finals with the city that loved him, hated him and then loved him again is the reason LeBron is smiling from ear-to-ear.

Redemption Song
We do not want to take anything away from LeBron's hard work this season, but it is very difficult to pick against the King and his Cavaliers.  LeBron is a Man and he makes his dominance felt on the floor every game.  In 2007 he was a bit unsure of himself as he was still in the beginning stages of mastering the game.  King James studied abroad in Miami for a few years, and he brought his newly acquired talents back home where he has shown the world that he is unstoppable.

According to American Song Writer, Bob Marley's "Redemption Song" begins with a story of how the narrator has been persecuted for years only to overcome it all with heavenly aid, leading to the aforementioned triumph.  Marley advises his fans to free their minds because they have the means within to break free from any figurative bonds.  For LeBron, South Beach enabled him to be free and strengthen his swag.  He had one of his closest friends by his side and when they failed to perform, LeBron no longer received all the blame.  His mentality grew superior and he recognized his true level of talent.

Redemption for LeBron is regaining the full love, support and trust from the city that cannot function without him.  In DMX's words, "Let a dog roam and he'll find his way home." LeBron's debt to the city of Cleveland is soon-to-be paid in full.

Game James.


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