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Lebron Hustles Back for Huge Chase-Down Block

Defense wins championships!!

Wrong team but yall get it!!

Lebron James Throws Down the Ferocious Alley-Oop Jam

LBJ can still get up there when he activate VIDEO GAME JAMES mode!

J.R. Smith Serves Up the Big Alley-Oop to LeBron James


Shaq, LeBron, Dwight Howard All-Star Dance-Off

Was this really 8 years ago!?

2015 All-Star Top 10: LeBron James


LeBron James Drives Past All 5 Bucks for the Smash

Bang. Bang.

LeBron James Full Highlights vs Pacers (2015.03.20) - 29 Pts, 7 Reb, 4 Q...


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Sports Science | LeBron James vs Kevin Durant

Great video posted by DeadliestArt.  You gotta love the way Sports Science videos breaks everything down.  Will KD ever  be the same!?

Lebron James - Sport Science

Great video from BaldurNBA.  You gotta love the time and effort that they put into these videos!

Memories of Allen Iverson: Kyrie Irving's 57 point performance

Kyrie Iverson
Kyrie Irving looked like Allen Iverson in his prime against the San Antonio Spurs. reports that Irving scored 57 points, including a remarkable 3-pointer at the buzzer to force overtime and the Cavs beat the San Antonio Spurs 128-125.  Irving reminded us how dangerous an effective crossover can be.  I immediately thought of Iverson as Kyrie showed his amazing ball control and his fearless shooting.  Irving's speed is also on the same level as Iverson's.  The addition of J.R. Smith has done something to Irving's confidence.  If there is one person that could teach a younger player to be confident it is definitely J.R.

For those of us who are old enough to remember Iverson's NBA career:

3 Reasons LeBron James Should Win the 2014-15 MVP Award

Bleacher Report recently posted an article on LeBron James potentially becoming the fourth player in NBA History to win at least five MVP awards.   The other players to win at least five MVP awards were Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Bill Russell.  Here are five reasons LeBron deserves to win the 2014-15 NBA MVP Award:

The Real King James
All Ballrecently recently posted an article discussing James Harden being the new King James.  This came after the Rockets defeated the Cavs in overtime.  Harden is averaging more points and rebounds than James and the Rockets currently have a few more wins than the Cavs.  Harden has played in all 62 games this season whereas James has played in 54 explaining the fact that the Cavs have won fewer games than the Rockets.

Moreover, sportsmanship is a major component of an NBA MVP and Harden kicking LBJ in the groin area proves that he lacks the sportsmanship to be MVP.  The NBA should not reward misbehavior.  LBJ has led his team to the #2 sp…

Harden Kick; Video Game James Jr.

Cavaliers v. Rockets 3/1/15
The Cavs lost a close game to the Rockets after going into overtime.  Both teams made it clear that the playoffs are close.  James Harden decided that kicking LeBron in the groin area was a smart decision and LBJ was definitely disturbed considering he missed the free throws to follow.  Put the Rockets on the list, LBJ does not respond well to conflict, ask DeShawn Stevenson and Lance Stephenson. The Cavs may have trouble with the Rockets if they face them in the playoffs considering the fact that they were able to perform well despite the absence of Dwight Howard.

Warriors at Cavaliers 2/26/15
In a possible finals matchup, the Cavs beat the Warriors.  LBJ was able to show that there is no one on the Warriors roster that is able to guard LBJ.  LeBron went into Video Game James mode dropping 42 points and grabbing 11 boards.  If this is a finals matchup, the Cavs should not have a problem winning a championship this season.

Stop Recruiting My Son
LeBron James…