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5 Steps to A Cleveland Cavaliers Championship

1. Shawn Marion
Marion did not play vs. the Lakers on Sunday, February 8 and he recently announced that he would retire after this season.  Marion was a role player when he won a championship with the Mavericks and the Cavs will need the same production from him the second half of this season to win the NBA Championship.

2. Rebounds
Cleveland is currently ranked 18th in the league with 42.7 rebounds per game.  The entire team has to dedicate themselves to the boards.

3. Defense
D. Rose showed how vulnerable the Cav's defense was prior to the All-Star break.  Despite the fact Kevin Love did not play, there is no excuse for playing lazy on the defensive end.

4. J.R. Smith
Smith is averaging 13.6 points and he is shooting over 40% from the field.  If he remains consistent, he can certainly help the Cavs win a Championship this season.

5. LeBron James
Missing 10 games in a season may not seem like many, but when you have not faced any serious injuries your entire career, it can be alarmin…

More than a player, LBJ is a Role Model

The Prince of Cleveland For those who forget that LeBron James is a good-hearted person, he provided us with a reminder yesterday.  He posted a video of a clip from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's famous 'Why he don't want me speech'.  In the speech, Will vents about the problems that he has faced from growing up fatherless.  His father makes yet another excuse and Will has had enough.  It is a message that must continue to spread around the world as so many children grow up fatherless.  LeBron also faces life without a father so he decided to spread the message via Instagram.  It may seem like an effortless act yet LBJ understands the impact that he has and knows that he has the power to motivate his male fans with children, to be better fathers.  LeBron James is more than an athlete, he is a role model.

Cleveland Cavaliers Starting To Figure Things Out Despite The End of Win Streak

Streak Ends at 12
The Cavs 12-game win streak was snapped by the Indiana Pacers.  Roy Hibbert fouled LBJ, in the 1st half, to prevent LBJ from an easy score.  LeBron re-injured his wrist and the game went downhill from there.  The Cavs may have to learn to deal with Hibbert in the preparation for the playoffs as he seems to be a tough matchup and his presence on the defensive end can lead to frustrations for the Cavs.  It was clear that after LeBron re-injured his wrist, he played at a lower level of intensity.  This is great for a high-energy player like LeBron whose adrenaline could lead him to further injuries is he fails to pace himself.

Cavs Look Better Than Ever vs. Clips
Kevin Love may have found his role as a Cleveland Cavalier.  He should not focus on his play in the post, instead, Love must use his range and he should never hesitate to shoot three-pointers.  Anyone that has seen LeBron in past years understands that he always encourages teammates to shoot more and worry less!…