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Why LeBron's Sprained Wrist Will Benefit The Cavs In The Long-Term

30 is not the new 20
LeBron's body is telling him that it is time to rest.  If Kobe has not shown that you do not stay young forever, the injuries will force him to give his body rest.  A decade plus, 2 Championships and 4 MVP's later, LBJ's body has miles on it! When you are the best player in the world it does not take you a long time to get into playoff mode.  This means that LBJ's rest will only work in his favor in the long-term.  Unlike most players in the league, LBJ will not be impacted by the time off.  LBJ's natural talent allows him to play 'cold' and still perform extremely better than the best player on the opposing team.

What the Cavs will lose from the LBJ's injury is the opportunity to build team chemistry.  With the addition of J.R. and the fact that the Cavs already lacked chemistry, losing LeBron to another injury means 'The Big 3' will become less relevant than they already have been this season.  The Big 3 that has…

Ray Allen x All-Star Game

Ray Allen
LeBron recently reached out to Ray Allen in an attempt to persuade Ray to sign with the Cavs this season.  Considering all the injuries that the Cavs have faced, Allen would be a great addition.  After a long NBA career, Allen is at the point where the playoffs do not phase him.  Younger players, like JR Smith will have numerous problems on the playoffs.  Smith may force shots and be very nervous throughout the playoffs.  Allen, on the other hand, will allow the game to come natural.  Allen would also be the perfect mentor for JR Smith, along with LeBron.  The frustrations that LBJ has faced this season is no different than the difficulties Allen faced with the Bucks throughout the early portion of his career.  Along with these factors, Allen may also help to ease the tension between Cavalier’s coach, David Blatt and multiple players.  LeBron may even have a few things to learn regarding his ability to coexist with a coach that he may not approve of.
I'm the one twice over,…

Going Back to Cali: LeBron's Back to Back LA Sweep

LeBron played great v. the Clippers: 32 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists.  This game truly showed the benefit of Bron's time off.  Kevin Love did not play, clearing the lanes for Kyrie and Bron.  Irving had 37 points as the superstars are learning to play with each other.  Without Love, Blake Griffin was a problem: 34 points and 10 rebounds, hence the reason we will be able to use K. Love throughout the playoffs.

LBJ v. Kobe
Kobe came to play: Trash talking, 3's in everyone's face and 8 assists in the first quarter.  Despite Kobe's solid game, LeBron showed who worked harder in the GM's office this offseason.  The Cavs are simply a better team than the Lakers and we must give props to LBJ for making the suits make moves!

Kevin Love
He simply does not fit with the Cleveland Cavaliers offensive strategy.  When we balance his hard work on defense against his inability to play LBJ's run and gun offense, we have to deal with him, period.  It is still somewha…

Buckeyes x Beats By Dre

And the Beats Go On
As we all know, LBJ is one of Ohio State's biggest fans.  To ensure that the Buckeyes will be able to blast their pre-game music, LeBron gave each player Beats By Dre headphones.  LBJ is a spokesperson for the company and he made sure that the gifts did not constitute a NCAA violation: The headphones were donated to Ohio State and were distributed within permissible NCAA limitations on awards.  It is great that LeBron is keeping busy during his time out.  Enjoying events like the Sugar Bowl will enable LBJ to finish the second-half of the season strong.  To keep everything fair, Oregon players received Beats By Dre headphones as well.

Five Straight Losses
The Cavs lost their 5th game straight against the Sacramento Kings on Sunday.  The Cavs are now .500 and #6 in the East at 19-19.

J.R. Smith
Despite the fact that J.R. did not score in his first game as a Cavalier, he had 27 points vs. the Warriors.  Many cannot wait to see how Smith and James will be able to c…

5 Things to Consider About the Cleveland Cavalier’s Acquisition of J.R. Smith

ONE LeBron will get J.R. a countless number of open shots If there is one person that loves to shoot it is J.R. Smith and LeBron is just the man to get him all the open shots he can handle.  Ask Mike Miller, Boobie Gibson and Ray Allen (to name a few) how open they have found themselves upon receiving a pass from King James.  LBJ is unselfish enough and J.R. is selfish enough for it to work!

TWO LeBron will be able to calm him down J.R. Smith is considered one of the riskiest players in the league due to the immaturity he has displayed in the past.  LBJ has just enough star power to tame Smith.  LeBron is one of the few guys in the league that J.R. has to respect.
THREE J.R. Smith adds the athleticism that the Cavs need With LeBron, Kyrie, etc. battling injuries, J.R. is the spark plug the Cavs need to offset the injuries.  The video below speaks for itself:

FOUR J.R. Smith was the 6th Man of the Year 2 years ago Critics of J.R. often forget that he has done anything right.  He won 6th Man o…

Lebron James: Patience is a Virtue

Landing in Miami
LeBron will be out 2 week due to his left knee and lower back strain.  After his landing in Miami on Christmas day, LBJ has not been moving the same.  The last time LBJ landed in Miami he left with two championships.  South Beach was not as nice to him this time...Karma?

Leaving Cleveland Again?
Will LBJ return to Miami?  As mush as I would love, I think the answer is no.  I believe that LBJ learned that he could visit Miami, own a home there and maintain his relationship with D. Wade and C. Bosh whether he plays for the Heat or not.

Rest is the Sweet Sauce of Labor
LeBron has played more regular season minutes, prior to his 30th birthday, than any player in the history of the NBA.  The Cavs may be taking the San Antonio Spurs approach.  The average age of the Spurs in 29.1 and Cleveland is not far behind with an average age of 28.5.  LBJ has just turned 30 and he is not the type of player that takes games off.

Benefits of LeBron's Break
The bright side of LeBron&#…